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Customizing and Branding a QR Code

QR is fun and always something interesting going on. Learned an interesting thing today.

QR code algorithm works even with 30% error in it

First thing came in my mind was a 30% destorted QR image should work then. And saying so i started doing some research on internet and figured out its very easy to destroy a QR and still make it work.

First thing i did was went here and created a sample QR code.


Then installed a QR reader on my phone. There are lot of free QR application. Just search in your market place with “QR”.

The actual output:


Opened Photoshop. All good and let the game begin.

Stage1: (Click Images for larger view)

Lets make it colorful like those Japanese festival.


Stage2:(Click Images for larger view)

How about a colored image inside it.Think of putting some branding.How about a colorful company logo? Just a random image. Scanning with an apple iphone so added a pineapple šŸ˜› image #PJ

Ok must say it was bit complex then it looks. I was forced to reduce the size of the pineapple little by little and stopped at the point as soon as it started working.


Stage3:(Click Images for larger view)

Thinking about branding again.This time more complex.How about some alphabets like a company name. Trying with my name.

Ok this was most complex. Worked after several attempts. But this looks the best. I have written the text in white and gave a black background to make it look better.


Game over šŸ˜€

Try out some more combinations and its really fun. Make sure to keep your phone and a photo editing app like photoshop or GIMP handy as it take lot of hit and trials.