Lion, Mac

Interesting and Useful Lion Hacks – Part1

Due to some backlogs was not able to ugrade to lion when it released.But now i have upgraded and started exploring. Seriously an awesome OS. Specially the full screen apps along with multiguestures to swap between apps.

Here are few early hacks to try.

1) Pressing  a key for long time gives accents, cedillas, etc. as IOS.

Neat stuff. But problem is if you really need to press a key long time there is an issue. Say you want to type Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😉


Switch it off<Type in terminal>:

you can switch back on by

Need to restart apps to use it.

2) Animated Window open.

Lion has added IOS like annimated effect while opening and closing any windows. Say its power option or opening a new safari tab. It looks good but also eats resource. If you want to save some resource or just hate those animations here is it.

Disable it<Type in terminal>:

To enable it back

3) Disable restore for certain apps.

In lion while restarting you have the option of restore. But sometime you might feel that certains apps should not be restored. Like say your password manager or say some game or Vmware, either for personal data or may be because of performance. You can disable restore for particular app in the following way. Eg for quickTime player: