An Arduino Project for Halloween – Scare the shit out

So last halloween (2015) we (@Me@Niko) made this for our office Halloween party. We did some online research to find what can be really scary and figured out it cannot be one, but a combination of multiple thing will make this scary.

So what does this do?

  1. Detects someone coming nearby,
  2. Turns it’s head towards the person coming,
  3. Eyes glow
  4. Screams!!!

Items needed for this build:

Electronics Items:

  1. Arduino Uno R3 (Or raspberry pi, you can use the same concept but write your own code)
  2. Diffused Red LED 10mm – 2Link
  3. Adafruit Wave Shield – 1
  4. Resistors – 10k Ohm – Bundle
  5. NPN Transistors – P2N2222A – 5
  6. Breadboard, Wires, Power supply and regular stuffs.
  7. Ultrasonic Module – 1 – Link
  8. Servo Medium Size Motor – 1 – Link


  1. Halloween skull, better if made of soft plastic
  2. Some black nets to get the feel.
  3. Go crazy anything you want to add
  4. A solid base where you can put the motor on which the skull will move.
  5. A DIY cardboard base on which you can stick the skull to move.



Step 1:

First thing, the Wave Shield needs to be assembled. Its going to take around 15min. Follow the soldering instruction in the manual.

This is how unassembled it came. Seriously WTF when i got the order without a clue that it has to be assembled.


And then after 15min mission accomplished.



Step 2:

Connect the ultra sound module and the motor now.

Once done you should test it working.


Step 3:

Load the code

Find it on Codebender here.

Step 4:  

Assemble the LED and sound board together. Found some scary sound and add it to the sound board.

The final assembly should look something similar.



Step 5:

With the electronics been set, you need to find out a way (DIY) to setup the skull. Insert the LEDs and make sure it has a base to rotate.

We literally tried various bottles and boxes to find the right base to make it work.


And finally we succeed.

Here is how the final product looks like:

IMG_0322 copy