How to run android apps on Mac or Windows+

Finally BlueStacks has released their player for Mac. Its in beta and its free. Download and run android apps on...

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How to install WireShark in Mountain Lion?+

WireShark latest build has some issues with Mountain Lion. This is how to install and make it work. Install X11...

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Interesting and Useful Lion Hacks – Part1+

Due to some backlogs was not able to ugrade to lion when it released.But now i have upgraded and started...

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Solved | Snow leopard Freezes or application hangs in snow leopard?+

I was a victim of the same and figured out the solution on Saturday and have been using my system...

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101 with Mac | Story of a window user :)+

Just took a Apple Macbook Pro (Mac OSX Leopard) and in this post i would like to share some of...

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Picasa for Mac and Linux is out+

Much waited Picasa for Mac and Linux is out! The interface and other features though looks similar. To get a...

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Accessing Windows drive (NTFS drives) on Mac with READ & WRITE+

Hi All,This is the first MAC tutorial of this blog!The tutorial gives you step by step procedure of enabling NTFS...

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How to Create a Simple Dual Boot System (Win XP / Mac OS 10.4.6/10.4.7)+

How to Create a Simple Dual Boot System(Win XP / Mac OS 10.4.6/10.4.7) This is a simple guide to create...

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