Play Pokemon Go at any place in the world | IOS only+

Simple weekend trick. Check the video below where i tried playing in Central Park. People who already use xcode just fake your...

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Add free 1GB space to your Dropbox account – IOS only+

Get FREE extra 1GB Dropbox storage by linking yournaccount with the Mailbox app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. All you need to...

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Weekend FUN: How about seeing Star Wars in ASCII on your command prompt/terminal?+

If you are on a mac open Terminal or on windows open command prompt. Once done write the following command....

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[Solved] What to do if my ISP blocked torrent sites?+

NB: Piracy is a crime. In India many ISP’s are blocking torrent sites. The main reason is heavy downloads and...

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Enable AirPlay on your old TV without apple TV+

Perquisite: An iPhone/iPod/iPad Jailbroken (not talking about unlocked, just Jailbroken. All you need is cydia) A composite cable. Costs around...

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Crash a computer with a HTML exploit+

An old trick which we used to play prank in college days. All you need to do is click the...

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Customizing and Branding a QR Code+

QR is fun and always something interesting going on. Learned an interesting thing today. QR code algorithm works even with...

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Turn Alphabets upside down | uʍop ǝpısdn sʇǝqɐɥdןɐ uɹnʇ+

I just love this apps and after i got this site i am just writing everything upside down :D. Its...

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Accessing Windows drive (NTFS drives) on Mac with READ & WRITE+

Hi All,This is the first MAC tutorial of this blog!The tutorial gives you step by step procedure of enabling NTFS...

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Nice trick to have notes on desktop | Without any 3rd party+

This is a nice trick and am using this extensively now a days! What is this all about:Guys to keep...

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