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Established: 18/11/2006 I will try to keep this short and simple. FYI:
  • My personal notebook of small hacks and tricks.
  • This domain and it's hosting is a playground for me to deploy various plugins, services and apps to play around and learn new things. So yes one fine morning this site can just blow up and you should not be surprised.
  • Yes those funky themes are also made by me just to see how the whole chrome store end to end works. The surprising part is with 5 themes i have around 85,000 weekly users using these themes and few of them are featured on Chrome Theme Store. Yes its crazy!
  • I know those swift tutorials don't make sense in this site but again this is the best place to remember them for quick access.
  • You have something to publish or just want to keep it on this site feel free to tweet it to me. If its worth, it will be published with your twitter handler.
  • I don't use any sponsors as of now. I had sponsors before but now i just hate ads on my blog.