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Awesome trick to change ADMIN's password!!!

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Hi All,
I have come across a super cool trick to change the password of any user including the ADMIN.....Now a days we do have lots of accounts on our PC which comprises of ur account as well as ur brothers/sisters/bla bla bla....Now if u wanna hack into their account here is the procedure to do it without even having to know their's password.....

1) Go to command prompt n enter the command net user.
The above command basically outputs you all the accounts which the operating system(Windows) is currently holding.

2) Then try this command ---> net user 'username' *
For eg: if the username is kunal....then the command will b as follows ---> net user kunal *

3)As soon as u run the above command by hittin enter....u will b asked to enter a new password for the above mentioned user ....enter the new password....hit enter.....again confirm the new password n hit enter....

4) Dats it u r done....u have successfully changed the password of the user without even knowing his/her earlier password n all...