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All credits goes to DESIGNDISEASE for this theme. You can download the base version from
I am using the same theme in this blog but for my requirement i have modified the theme and as a part of contribution i want to share this theme with every one :) Many of my regular visitors and some of DD visitors liked this modification and emailed me to share the theme and here it goes. Please find the download link below. What has been modified: 1) Single post page has been single column now. 2)Landing page post content has more width then before. 3)Search box yellow background was breaking in various browser and that has been fixed. 4) Landing page navigation to older post has been removed as it was not working. A link has been added for navigation. Modify it with your link. Navigation works on other pages. DownloadLink: You can suggest some mod and i shall try to make them happen :) Some inspiration Emails worth publishing else i wont have published this theme :D :
Hi Kaushik, I saw your msg at , Mate can you send me the increased width theme files? i would love to try that on my blog. Email me them if you can, here: ************ Thanks, Regards Royan
hi, saw your comment over at and saw the changes you made to the Tipz theme. Can you pls share how you increased the width of the 1st column? Also how do one make this a 2 column theme? --Lakshmipathy  Bhat
Hi Kaushik, I saw your comment on the design desease theme page. Seems you haven't got any problem to use the feature post and the feature-image function with the tipz theme. Smarter than me ... ;) Could you give me a hint about choosing the featured post and the featured image ? I tired to create the category and a custom field but it doesn't work. I can't get any answer on the theme page, so i try to find help among users of this theme ... Thanks. --Francois  Delattre
I am posting Francois email here because i know many of us faced the same problem. 2 steps to get the image on the top post: 1) Create a custom field for your latest post. feature-image 2) The content of the field should be as shown in the image below.The class used is
class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-2040"