Crash a computer with a HTML exploit

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An old trick which we used to play prank in college days. All you need to do is click the link below to crash a computer. Works on both MAC and Windows.
Disclaimer: This seriously works. Before trying make sure you have all your works saved. Only way to come out of this is to pull the power off your computer/laptop. Proceed at your own risk ;)
Link to Click

Ok so you tried or not tried but want to know how it works?

The exploit basically triggers multiple instance of your default mail client and ends all your computer resource (CPU/RAM) and hangs the computer. Here is how it works. Typing the following url on your browser will open your default mail client with fields populated. If you don't know you can try it. Its safe.
mailto:somebody@somebody.com?subject=Hell Ya&body=Check my Site.. classictutorials
Now in a HTML page if you just give the same in an iframe it will basically do the same. Reloading the page will open one instance of mail client.
<iframe src="mailto:somebody@somebody.com?subject=Hell Ya&amp;body=Check my Site.. classictutorials"></iframe>
If above script opens one instance of mail client, what happens if we have similar 100 entries in a page and just reload the page say every 5 sec.. IT BECOMES EVIL :P You can do a HTML reload using
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=current page URL">
Cheers! Bring it on ;)