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Sony Ericsson Users can now access all internet services free of cost using your Broadband connection.

My model Sony Ericsson w700i must use TCP/IP for its data connection. I thought why not make a TCP/IP connection to my local area LAN and surf the Internet through my broadband? The first thing i can do is to ask google. I have found some forums talking about this and a perfect procedure was found in the above URL.

I would like to credit the whole thing to the creator Andre
Source :

Required Things:

1. Sony Ericsson Compatible Model

MIDP 1.0 and CLDC 1.04:
- P800 series
- T610 series
- T630 series
- Z600 series

MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 HI:
- P900/P910 series

MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1:

- S700/S710 series
- V800
- F500i

- J300 series

- K300 series
- K310 series
- K500 series
- K510 series
- K600 series
- K610 series (Java Platform 7)
- K700 series
- K790 series (Java Platform 7)
- K750 series
- K800 series (Java Platform 7)

- P900
- P910
- P990

- M600

- W300 series
- W550 series
- W600 series
- W700 series
- W710 series (Java Platform 7)
- W800 series
- W810 series
- W850 series (Java Platform 7)
- W900 series
- W950 series

- Z520 series
- Z530 series
- Z550 series
- Z710 series (Java Platform 7)
- Z800 series
- Z525
- Z500a
- Z1010

2. Necessary Software

1. The J2SE Software Development Kit (SDK)
Mirror site : JAVA SDK

2. Sony Ericsson SDK

3. Opera Mini : Best way is to download the compatible version for your mobile from Opera Official site.

Step wise procedure:

1. First install JAVA JDK and then SONY ERICSSON SDK. Downloading these two things would be a little problem but cant help...

2. Connect your mobile to PC via bluetooth or USB.

2. When the Sonyericsson SDK installed successfully, you should find a Connection Proxy icon on your system tray, otherwise Click Start > Programs > Sony Ericsson > J2ME SDK > ConnectionProxy to start the connection proxy which while active will show its status on the system tray.

3. Click on Settings icon (Gear). Select correct COM port for your connection. Choosing correct COM port would not be a big task. Open your device manager and you will find the com ports for your mobile USB/Bluetooth connection. Choose the lowest COM port apart from the COM ports that are attached to your system. Choose the BaudRate as 115200.

4. Now click Connect. You should see your mobile pic on the connection proxy saying that it is connected. ( see the source URL for sample Pic)

5. Open Sony Ericsson Device Explorer.
Click Start > Program > Sony Ericsson > J2ME SDK > Device Explorer. You should see that the software is negotiating a connection with your mobile, and when successful, it will display a list of applications installed. In my case it displayed all the games installed in my W700 games folder.

Important Note : If anyone faces error at this particular step saying "Malformed Response...... .... " then it is due to some error in parsing the characters in the installed games. Delete games one by one in your games folder and Refresh the Device Explorer. It should work at some time..

6. In Sony Ericsson Device Explorer menu bar, click File and check Serial Networking and restart the Device Explorer. WIth this, the settings on the system is completed.

7. On your Sony Ericsson mobile, create a new data account.
For that, Go to Connectivity > Data comm. > Data accounts > New account.
Account type: GPRS data
Name: Anything you want. Leave APN, Username and Password empty.

8. Go to Connectivity > Internet setting > Internet profiles > New profile
Name: anything you want
Connect using: select the account you just added in the above step

9. Still in Internet profiles window, highlight the profile you going to use and press More and select Settings.
In this window:
Connect using: the new data account you just added
Internet Mode: Http (already there)
Use Proxy: No
Username and Password: empty

Press Save to save this profile

Note: For broadband users under Corporate LAN, The settings are different. Use this profile settings.

here.. Note the following...
My IP address in LAN :
DNS Address :
Proxy server Address :

create a data account named "broadband"
ip address :
dns address :

create an internet profile named " broadband"
internet mode : http
use proxy : yes
proxy address:
port : 8080

streaming settings :
connect using : broadband
use proxy : yes
proxy address:
port number : 6082

10. Opera Mini Installation

Default browser that comes with sony ericsson mobile just not mean to be used with this type of connection. You need to download other browser to be installed. Download the compatible version of opera for your model from its official site. You must download both jar and jad files. This is a quick download since the file is quite small. Now you can install Opera Mini browser by just rightclicking the JAD File you just downloaded and select "Install on Device".
When installation is successful, highlight the Opera Mini in the Device Explorer and click on "Play button", or right click and select Start to launch the Opera Mini on your mobile.

Note : Launching Opera Mini by using the phone itself will not work.

11. Now, If you are using Opera 3.0, it tests for network connection before opening the browser. If the connection test fails, check your settings once again. Restart your phone and try again. If everything is correct, i would suggest you to download opera mini 2.0. and proceed with the same steps above. Search google or download it from here ( Copy it to your phone and install from the phone since i cannot upload a jad file in my hosting site.)

12. Enter any URL in your mobile and you are done if you are able to see that site on your mobile..

Note: Please do not expect that you will be succeeded in the first trial. There is every possiblity that you may miss small things. I have spent one complete day for the connection and then succeded.

Some Points to note :
1. Make sure "Serial Networking" is checked in device explorer.
2. Connection proxy is connected
3. Device explorer shows all the applications(games) installed on your mobile. If not, try restarting your device explorer.
4. If every setting is co rr ect and still you are not able to connect to internet, restart your mobile
5. Use Opera mini 2.0 Advanced instead of latest version if you are not able to connect using it.