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How to type a message in ur desired language using Microsoft word?

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This is an eyecatching tweak for ppl who would like to have some Hindi text in their signatures or who would like to scrap wishes in hindi. If you wanna type a message in Telugu/Hindi or some other desired language.. Here is the way!! No third party software is needed. This is all stuff to do with Microsoft word
. Lemme demonstrate how to get text in Hindi.

Open Microsoft word and select Symbol in insert menu. Select font as Mangal and subset as Devanagiri. Here u find all the characters that are required to type any alphabet.

Suppose if you want to type "अपुन अच्छा लडका है" Insert the following symbols in the order. Neglect + and signs. I just placed it for seperation.

अ + प + ु +न अ + च + ् + छ + ा + ल + ड + क + ा ह + ै

While typing the characters, you will observe the related characters merging themselves. After typing the required message, just copy and paste the characters wherever you want. Soon after u paste the message.. u may notice blank squares appearing instead of message (in Googletalk window for example).. Dont worry.. The tweak works after you save it/send it.

If u wanna have ur profile name of Orkut in Hindi... U can do the similar thing... Just type the text in microsoft word. Edit your profile and paste the text there... You can also send the messages in Google Talk or Yahoo IMs.

Similarly.. use Gautami font for Telugu and Tunga font for Kannada. You should download Unicode fonts for other languages to enable this feature...

There are editors available which will do the same work for you. But, for small messages, this is useful.