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PortForward your BSNL router to get fast torrent download speeds

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Got this tutorial from some forum.Its usefull and probably more for people with vista.. Try it if u re facing problem. This tutorial is for people having the new BSNL router(UTStarcom UT300R2A) with the new stripped down firmware which doesn't allow you to port forward directly.As a result they will be getting very slow torrent download speeds. For those using utorrent they will see a caution icon at the bottom due to this.The following tutorial will help u solve this problem. THE FOLLOWING TUTORIAL USES UTORRENT1.7.2. YOU CAN USE OTHER TORRENT CLIENTS ALSO.THE METHOD IS SIMILAR FOR THEM TOO. ************************************************** ****** Step 1: Know your IP =============== 1. Even though your IP address is dynamic, the ADSL router would always assign an IP address to your computer. Most probably it would be 2. Go to Start>Run>cmd or in Vista, type cmd in search and press enter. 3. Type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter 4. Note the IP address of your computer, here for me it Step 2: Configure the torrent ==================== 1. .Next go to Options>Preferences>Connection and uncheck “Enable UPnP port mapping” 2. At the same place, set your port number to somewhere between 40000 and 65000 Step 3: Portforward the Router/ADSL Modem ========================================= 1. First you need to access the settings or router. For this, open any browser like Internet Explorer/Firefox and navigate to ‘′. The most common username and password is ‘admin’ & ‘admin’. I have a new UT300R2U modem with a new software. So I will give the detail tutorail for that here. If you have a different router or a differnt software for UT300R2U, find your router here and follow the guide. You can also find the deafult password of your router there. 2. Navigate to ‘Advanced Setup>NAT>DMZ Host’ in the sidebar. DMZ host refers to Demilitarized Zone. 3. Enter your IP Address that you found in Step 1 there and click Save/Apply. In my case its You dont require a reboot here. After this when u download any torrent u get maximum possible speed depending on the number of seeders and leechers and also the caution icon at the bottom of utorrent will change to a green tick mark.