Step-to-step tutorial for signing

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1) Go to hxxps:// and register a new account (be careful: you must insert your correct IMEI in the registration form!)

2) Go to My Simbian Signed--> Developer Certificates and download DevCertRequest tool.
Direct link: hxxps://

3) Install the application and download the private keyfile provided.

4) It's time to create the certification request: open the DevCertRequest application you just installed and fill in the fields like this:

Use the key you just downloaded.
Private keyfile password: 31536u2

5) Go ahead to next steps and follow examples shown below:

6) Insert your IMEI no. and add all application capabilities:

7) Click on finish and your Certificate Request will be created.
You can find this file in the folder C:Documents and Settings(Your UserName)

8) Go back to Symbian Signed website and go to My Symbian Signed --> Developer Certificates --> Request
direct link: hxxps://

and upload the Certificate Request file you just created.

9) Go to My Symbian Signed --> Developer Certificates --> My DevCert
direct link: hxxps://

and download your certificate!

10) Create a folder and place in TombRaiderLegend.sisx, the certificate you downloaded from Symbian Signed website, Private Keyfile (Mycert.key) and signsis.exe (you can find it in the archive attached above)

11) Open DOS shell (Start-->Run-->cmd), browse to the folder you just created and type in this command:

signsis TombRaiderLegend.sisx TombRaiderLegend_signed.sisx xxx.cer Mycert.key 31536u2

(xxx.cer is the certificate you created, change it with yours)

12) You're done! This will create a new file called TombRaiderLegend_signed.sisx (or whatever you want, just change the filename), install it and enjoy this great game!

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