The Right, Clean and Easiest way to restore your wordpress personal blog

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Why you might need to restore?
  • Hosting plan is going to expire. Auto renewal is damn costly. With half the price you can get a new hosting
  • Something corupted and want to reinstall
  • bla bla bla and you want to reinstall.
  • Godaddy renewal plan costs Rs3500 and new hosting cost Rs1500. Exactly double.  So be smart and follow the below tut.
Follow the steps and you should be fine. Step1: Login to your hosting FTP and navigate to /wp-content and you should be able to see a folder called "upload". Download this upload folder and keep it safely in your local machine. This contains all your blog images. Step 2: Login into your blog admin console and navigate to Tools --> Export Now choose "All Content" and export. Note: If you have created any custom folder/files make sure you backup them also as that will not get exported with wordpress export Step 3: Take a screen shot of your plugins/theme page. Will be used during setup for reference. You can take screenshots of other pages which are under SETTINGS in admin console. Note: We are done with our backup process. Now we can proceed with the fresh setup with old content Step 4: Install wordpress freshly. Do all the initial setups. Add your theme. Step 5: FTP to your new hosting account. Copy the backed up "upload" folder to /wp-content. If already there is an upload folder, just over write it. Step 6: Login into your new wordpress blog admin console. Go to Tools--> Import --> Wordpress and install the plugin and run import. Uplaod the file you have downloaded during Step 2. Important: Make sure on the next page you select this checkbox or else you featured images are not going to get loaded. Thats it! You should be all good to go. Refer the plugin screenshot and install your plugins.