Accessing Windows drive (NTFS drives) on Mac with READ & WRITE

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Hi All,
This is the first MAC tutorial of this blog!
The tutorial gives you step by step procedure of enabling NTFS (Windows) read/write support in your MAC

So by default MAC OS X won't come with NTFS support. So one way is to customize during installation and choose NTFS 3G.

Else if you haven't customized then follow the steps below!

1) Download and install MacFuse. Download link is here
2) Once installed now download NTFS 3G and install it. Download it from here

It will ask you for restart. Restart your comp and see the changes. Now you can use the same windows drive in mac. I am using vista and mac together and can share my files easily on both of them! :)


NB: Remember the download links i provided was tested on MacOSX 10.5.4
So if you are using any other version of mac i would suggest to visit the following links: