At last Flash In IPhone... Ya thats true!

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Hi All,
There is this company called iMobileCinema who have came up with a whole new concept to open flash videos in iphone! This plugin is really cool! I have personally used it and i am really impressed!

They have tried to release through the App store but as usual apple did not let them to do so!
Currently available only for jailbroke iphones! (Another reason for why you need to jailbreak :P)

The app is FREE so hurry to download!

Given below are the steps of how to download:
Launch Cydea.
Then click on the Manage tab (on the bottom) -> Sources -> Edit (top right) -> Add (top left)
It will ask for URL enter the following: d.imobilecinema.com and then click on Add Source

It will update itself. Now go to the search Tab in the bottom and search for iMobileCinema and install.. Its of size 2.5MB (~approx)

I attaching some screen shots from my mobile just to give you some idea! The mobile is Iphone 3G with firmware 2.2!

Search for the video you want to see!

Click on the video and it will start to buffer:

After Buffering the video starts playing:

Let me know if you need any help for installing..
Official site is: http://imobilecinema.com/