Announcing WP Greet Box for Blogger | Blogger Greet Box

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  A new version has been released. Get it at Greet Box v4.0  
After lot of hard work i am able to replicate the Word Press Greet Box for Blogger. I have named it Blogger Greet Box. I know like me many other blogspot users must have been frustrated as such a beautiful plugin was not available for blogger but now with this plugin we can use it very easily. How easy is the setup? You just need to add a new HTML/JavaScript gadget on your blog and paste few simple lines of codes which will be available in few days. Future Updates? I am managing the content from my hosted files. So for future updates you don't need to bother. Updates will happen at back end. All content will be served from my hosting space.So its basically one time setup. Is it Free? Ya 100% free. If you like my work and want to buy me a beer or something always welcome.Just contact me through email :) When will it be available to us? Within this week. I am done with the work. I will do some testing and clean up the codes.So keep visiting. ScreenShot:
Live Example: No havent provided to public till now but ya wait for few days and it will be live on this site itself. (20/04/09) NB: Plugin is live now at Cheers!