Greet Box for blogger v2.0 is Live!

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A new version has been released. Get it at Greet Box v4.0
For previous versions and descriptions please visit:
To try v2.0:
Go to and search for search term like “” and navigate to this site and you will see a message saying that you came from google. Now try this URL for stumble upon welcome message. Stumble Techbhroom Screenshots:

Features: As before I have kept the same features but the best surprise is now Greet Box for Blogger supports 30 Social Networks. You read it write its 30. Even Thaya Kareeson's WP Greet Box for WordPress doesnot supports so many social networks. :D List of Supported Social Networks:
  1. general
  2. google
  3. yahoo
  4. digg
  5. stumbleupon
  6. delicious
  7. facebook
  8. flickr
  9. friendfeed
  10. friendster
  11. furl
  12. lastfm
  13. linkedin
  14. livejournal
  15. magnolia
  16. mixx
  17. myspace
  18. netvibes
  19. newsvine
  20. picasa
  21. pownce
  22. reddit
  23. technorati
  24. twitter
  25. vimeo
  26. webshots
  27. wordpress
  28. yelp
  29. youtube
Did i missed anyone? :wink:
Installation Steps:
Same as before. Just copy the code and paste it and it will show up. Just follow two configuration. 1) Search for “Give your feed url here” and replace my fed url with yours. 2) Search for “List your domains where you dont” and replace it with your domain name.
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
 <div id="mainDisplayDiv" style="background:#F8F8FF;border:1px solid #B6AFA9;display:none"><div id="dynamicContentDisplayed">
 </div><script type="text/javascript">// Give your feed url here
 var feedURL = "";var dynamicHTMLText = displayRequiredText(feedURL);
 document.getElementById("dynamicContentDisplayed").innerHTML = dynamicHTMLText;</script>
 </div><script src=""
 type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">
 //List your domains where you dont want to show up. Suppose
 //when people navigate within your site and you dont want to
 // show up. This is , seperated
 var myRestrictedDomainList = "classictutorials.blogspot";showHideDiv(myRestrictedDomainList);</script>
Get as plain text file Google Code Page: I know on previous release i told that all latest updates will be automated but one reason for code change is Google page BW limit. Now the code is hosted on google code page and if B/W exceeds i will buy extra space so it should be fine. Please report any bug.