Anouncement of BTI (Blogger Template for iPhone)

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Summary: BTI (Blogger template for iPhone ) is a blogger template using which we can create a blog which will be fully compatible with iPhone/iPod touch safari browser. Its very light in weight (about 24kb only). Works with blogspot account and very easy to use. All default blogspot features will be available. Features:
  1. This template is free.
  2. Iphone and Ipod Touch Safari compatible.
  3. Very light.
  4. Rss feed support.
  5. Accelerometer support.
  6. Auto width rendering on safari browser.
  7. Restrict access of website to iphone safari only and its configurable.
  8. Blogger template, so all existing features will be available
Timeline: I am still working on this template and am almost done. This will get published over here on 25thMarch,2009(May get late for a week :( ). So keep watching for updated news and screenshots. Screenshots:
The image above shows the screen shot of the new template. The template fits to width with rotation. Hope you liked it. As i told before this template comes with blogger default features so screen shot below shows us some of the features like comments, Star Rating, Tags etc. which fits so beautifully on the iPhone/iPod screen space.
I will be updating this blog with latest news related to this template.Subscribe to the RSS feed to get the updates. You can suggest me features through comments or email and i am looking forward to it. Cheers!