Google wonder Wheel and Other new search experiments

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First thanks to Aji( I was able to setup the things with a bit of his help... This is just amazing and thought of blogging it. First have a look at the screenshots. I Just searched for Obama. And this is how Obama looks on wonder wheel.
Or have a search for Sonia Gandhi and you get this.
If you see the screen shot on the left hand side yo can see various features.
These are google experimental new features.
 › All results
 › Standard results
 › Standard view
 Some of the most interesting topics are "Anytime" and "Standard View".
"Anytime" gives a way to sort result based on time like last 24hrs or Past week etc. Very interesting if you want to monitor your site very closely.
Another interesting things to look for is the "Timeline". Though this is available for sometime now at as "Alternate views for search results".
This is how it looks.
And the most interesting one is the "Wonder wheel".
What is this?
This will show a Flash-based interactive mini app which starts with your keyword in the center, and related terms around it. Clicking on a related term creates a new, connected circle with more related terms. And whenever you click on a term, to the very right, the web results change to reflect your current topic of focus. The wonder wheel worked quite smoothly, except when I tried using the back button after going to a page from the results.
How to make these things work? 
 1) Clear up your cookies. (Tested on IE7,IE8 and FF3) 
 2) Open Recheck the URL If it changes to or the you need to click the following link as shown in the screen shot.
 3) Once you open paste the following Javascript on the browser Navigation Box and Press enter.It will create a cookie telling Google that you want to use these features.
4) Now search for anything and you should get the following.
 Click on it to see all the above features.
Initial Encouragement from Aji . Lots of thanks.