Customizing Firefox at MAX to look like Chrome

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I really like Google Chrome but again Firefox Plugins just rock. So out of the controversy and frustration this weekend i was trying to make my Firefox browser look like Google Chrome and if you see the screen shots you will see i was almost 97.223344% to achieve my goal. Now don't ask me what happened to 2.776656%.You need to find out yourself. Hint: Fatty Firefox will never stop eating RAM. What did i achieved out of this customization? Firefox looks very neat N clean. Its a bit light now.The visible area has increased so much. Its more than Chrome now. The look is real sexy. Compare the screen shots: 1st one is Google Chrome and the 2nd one is Firefox. Check out the more display area in firefox. Check the red arrow at Firefox screen shot.
Ok to customize here are the things you need: 1)Change Icon size: Right click beside the menu tool bar and select "Use small Icon" from the "Customize Toolbar" option. 2) Chromifox Basic Theme: Url: 3) Hide menu: Url: Install both the plugins and restart and see the change. Did you like it? You have a better idea? Please share with every one.