Now Remote Desktop your computer over RSS feed

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LogMeIn is a free solution(Remote desktop only) to access your home or office computer from anywhere in the world(Works on static and dynamic IP).Its very easy to use and the best part is that only software needs to be installed on the computer which you need to access. You can access your computer from browser itself with installed plug-in. This software is really cool and am using it for more than 1yr now and am really impressed.Just create an account and install the software. To access the computer from anywhere in the world just visit the url given below and login. Click on your computer! But the real cool part comes here. They have recently launched their new feature where you can access your computer over RSS feed. Its so impressive that I cant help myself but to blog it. :wink LogMeIn Site: Check the screen shots. 
To add to your rss reader just click this icon.
And once you have added you can access from your RSS reader directly. No need to login and staffs.