Google Rocks and they proved again! | Google Lively

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One more amazing application from google.
After the huge success of Second Life and so-so flop of Yahoo virtual chat here is something from google.
A good experience will require atleast a 2MBps connection... though i test drive with a 256Kbps connection.
I like the concept..(LOL dint found any girl ;) ) anyways..
Before you hop into here is some more details.
The Entry:
Google Lively is a web-based virtual environment produced by Google Inc. similar to the instant messaging software IMVU. On the opening download page, users are invited to "Create an avatar and chat with your friends in rooms you design."

Lively is currently only supported on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, using Windows XP or Windows Vista. The program is designed to be integrated with the current Internet and provide a new way to access information. According to Google, a Mac OS X and Linux version are on the way as well.

 Link to get:  Google Lab or Direct Jump to Lively Website