How to choose between Native vs React Native vs HTML5 Hybrid App

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The favourite question of 2017 for the developer world i guess :) I have been asked this at least once on every project i have worked on and so for the last time, i will create this and forward this url who ever asks, ha ha.. Feel free to add your view in comments. Cheers! I will take a use case here since based on the app you build your need will be different. If you want to build spotify this is not your matrix ;0 Use Case: Building a service or utility app, cross platform with support for low end devices, targeted for country like India and Indonesia. User experience is important for the app as well as cost of building and maintaining. Client probably don't have a development team and reached out to you for a solution. You can find the matrix here: The funny part ( * totally unintended and coincidental * ) if you sum up the points you will find that RN and HTML5 hybrid app scores the same, but then i would suggest choosing RN in that case because your overall app will be a better performing app when compared to the Hybrid app.   You can use the same matrix for any other use case. Just revalidate the points to support your use case. Until next time. Cheers!