Making passport size photographs and Printing them

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Making passport size photographs and Printing them

Photoshop Knowledge Required: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
External Plug-ins required: None

Before starting Reset your workspace by Window ---> Workspace ---> (Reset Palette Locations/Default Workspace)

If you have a decent printer and a picture of yours then you won't have to waste your bucks for getting your photos shot.
And it also comes in handy if there is an emergency situation and you need instant passport sized photographs.
So let's take this silhouette image as our sample. So we can concentrate on important things.

Now most of the passport images are in the ratio of 4:3. So we are going to crop this one like that too.

1) Select the rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and apply the following settings in it.

2) Now draw a rectangle in the image and place that it fits according to your needs.
Here is an example of what it should look like.

3) Image ---> Crop

Now the image is complete and ready for printing. But you may need multiple copies right?
And you might even need some borders to go with it?Okay here is how it is done.

Borders: (Can be skipped)
1) Press Ctrl+A to select the entire image.
2) Select ---> Modify ---> Border (Width: according you your needs)
3) Select the appropriate colour and hit Alt+Backspace. And you border is made.

Multiple Photos: (Shouldn't be more than four, this too can be skipped)
1) Press Ctrl+J the number of more pictures you want. E.g. I want four pictures and so I'll hit it three times.
2) Image ---> Canvas Size

(Now you have to increase the width of your canvas to the size of the pictures placed side by side, so a little mathematics is needed here)
If there are four copies then the approx width of the image should be 4*current size + some extra space for gaps.
I chose the width to be = 4*182+100 = 828

The canvas screen should look like this (except the size, because that is for you to calculate)

3) Now select the layers one by one in the layer's window and drag them to their appropriate positions.

1) Press Alt+Ctrl+P
2) In the preview window, you can see how the print is going to look like.
3) Now what you have to do is set the image height, coz it's the same only the width has changed (If you have used the Multiple Photo option).
4) Set the image height to 4 cm. (This is the default size for photographs, you can set what you want), the width will automatically adjust.
5) Now you need to save paper too. We have to align the pictures to the top.
6) Deselect Center Image.
7) Set the top and left to 1 cm each.

And now you can print!

Note: If you need more that four pictures i.e. 8 then after printing once follow the last step again, instead increase the top and use the same paper to print. Just make sure that the images don't overlap.