PhotoShop Massive List Of Plugins, Filters, Brushes, Actions & Gradients (Part 1)

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:::::::- Note: There is some compatability issue with PS cs2 so u may need to use older version of PS ::::::::-

PhotoShop Plugins, Filters, Brushes, Actions & Gradients

It's amazing as to the amount of time and effort that people put into making plug-ins, filters, actions, brushes and such and then make them available to whomever wants them at no cost. All of the following are the "best of the best" and each one has received the highest rating from Adobe, and they are all free. I do not think that there are many items out there, that you have to pay for, that are better than the following...

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for quickly removing black or white values and making the region transparent. There are 6 different options for you to choose from, depending on the type of image you are working on (colour photo, mono photo, lineart). It requires the use of "layers" so remember the effect must be applied to an image that is on a layer above the background in order for it to work.
Download (136.7kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 20 effects for modifying image colour values in various ways. You can use them for subtle correction of your digital photos and CG graphics, or experiment with the more dramatic transformations that are available. Although quite basic these filters can be handy for use on a regular basis.
Download (163.6kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 20 effects for creating dramatic edge and colour modifications. They are best used when experimenting with intense photo transformations for a highly stylized look. They are also handy when creating texture effects.
Download (165.1kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 30 individual filters for creating various screen/mesh patterns. It provides you with a quick way to add small detailed and repetitive texture overlay effects to areas of your image in one easy step. The single slider setting gives you the option to add the chosen pattern on top of your image, or make the layer background white.
Download (150.7kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 20 effects for producing various quick and easy embossing styles.
Download (225.4kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 15 effects for switching the colour values in your images. Useful for experimenting with interesting combinations and creating surreal results.
Download (148.1kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 20 effects for "blasting" intense colour into your images. Ideal for when you need to add dramatic impact to your photos or artwork.
Download (155.4kb):

A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in containing 15 effects for creating a selection of grain and mezzo styles.
Download (155.9kb):

Digital Film FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for high-contrast B&W effects. It will not just convert your images into the standard shades of grey, it will automatically higher the contrast and produce a more dramatic sense of lighting in your scene. Much like the old photos you may have seen in your family albums. A bonus features for darkroom enthusiasts is the ability to lightly tone your B&W print at the same time. Give your photos that ancient sepia look or mix the colour settings to produce your desired monochrome tint.
Download (148.5kb):
Digital Film FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for B&W grain effects. It produces results similar to using traditional "fast" B&W camera film, allowing more control than the standard "noise" filters included with most image-editors. Give your photos back some of that artistic texture which seems to be sadly missing these days! Ideal for both landscape scenes or portraits. For best results use with high-resolution images of at least 2 megapixels.
Download (148.9kb):

Digital Film FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for very high contrast effects. It bleaches out most of the mid-tone greys, leaving crisp dark blacks and bright clean whites. It will produce clear B&W images with limited tones, which are suitable for cheap reproduction via the office photocopier or when published in newsprint, as these methods normally loose image definition when trying to reproduce standard colour photographs. Although mainly designed for this "technical" purpose, you can also have fun by adding strong colour-casts within the plug-in!
Download (147.7kb):

Digital Film FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for adding a basic "night-vision" effect to your digital photographs and/or 2D and 3D computer-generated images. It first removes all colour from the picture and gives a very slight blur to indicate the film is trying hard to focus in a low-light situation. Then you can choose to add grain either keeping it B&W or mixing separate red, green and blue channels to vary the effect. You can also produce a strong overall colour cast using the RGB sliders provided. Works best with dark night-time photographs that have minimal areas of bright background elements in the scene.
Download (179.2kb):

Digital Film FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for creating a similar look when using traditional B&W infra-red film. It is not an exact match but will provide you with a quick and easy way to re-create the effect digitally using your standard colour photographs. The RGB sliders will also allow you to tint the overall image if you wish. For best results use this filter on landscape scenes. It is also quite effective on certain architectural elements too. Not really suitable for portrait subjects though.
Download (178.0kb):

Digital Lens FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for tinting the sky area of your photographs. Ideal if you need to change the "mood" of your scene, brighten-up a dull day or make a darker overcast sky for dramatic effect. The filter will overlay a coloured gradient from the top of your image fading to transparent at the bottom. You can specify the colour of the tint via three RGB sliders plus you can adjust the brightness with the exposure se tting.
Download (147.7kb):

Digital Lens FX : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter for quickly turning your colour images into greyscale, but with the added option of using a coloured optical lens filter as you would in traditional B&W photography. The different colours will change the tonal range during the greyscale conversion : for example, a red filter will lighten the red, magenta and yellow areas plus darken the green, blue and cyan in the photo. There are 6 preset effects to choose from using a simple.
Download (138.1kb):

Darkroom Correction Tool : A single Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter to help you quickly access the most common image-enhancement controls though one easy-to-use dialog. You can modify the brightness, contrast, saturation, red/cyan, green/magenta and blue/yellow balance settings all at the same time. A simple concept but a surprisingly useful filter that will help you fix many of your photographic problems.
Download (175.5kb):

Photoshop Actions
Handy productivity tools in Photoshop *.atn format. They help you to speed-up the repetitive tasks that you often have to perform on a daily basis. This collection only has 3 sets of resizing actions so far, but I will add many more sets to this pack in future so keep an eye on the updated download.
Download (3kb):

Mini Mono Fill
A collection of 400 greyscale computer-generated seamless tiles. Import them into your 2D or 3D graphics programs and use as pattern fills, displacements maps, bump maps, etc. All tiles are 50 x 50 pixels in size and are supplied in JPG format for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of software and operating systems.
Download (567.2kb):

3D Planet Maps
A series of spherical texture maps for wrapping around 3D objects to create alien planet or moon like effects. Ideal for your sci-fi themed artwork!. The packs offer a variety of different image sizes and texture styles and are supplied in JPG format for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of software and operating systems.
Planet Pack 1: 5 textures at 1400 x 700 pixels
Download (698.8kb):


Classic Pack: 600 Brushes (852.9kb)

Mini Tips: 300 brushes (148.2kb)

CG Blox: 100 brushes (607.1kb)

RS Base Set: 100 brushes (134.7kb)

Lipstick Kisses
Lips, lipstick, & lipstick kisses, large & small

s0k's clouds 1
Some cloudy brushes.

Frilled Brushes
Choppy BIG twisty abstract brushes.

Printed Stuff
Callibration bars, cropmarks, paper effects etc.

Paper Damage
Damage your photos and papers

Sunday Funnies Balloons
Comic Strip Balloon Brushes...

Fun With Geometry-Cubes
5 Different Sized Cube Brushes

sparkle brushes
sparkly brushes brushes that look just like a glimmer, sparkle on objects. Great to use when finishing an effect

Flare Brushes 2
More flares you can add with a brush!

Tymoes Kiddie Stuff
Remember how we all draw when we were little?? This is a brushset of simple drawings like we all did when we were little.

Create small droplets of water on your work. These brushes create small droplets of water on your work.

Glass brushes This is glass or ice heart brushes in diferent sizes, that is why the file is rather big.

Tymoes Asiatic 2 (brush)
Some more asian style brushes

TymoesGraffitiLetters P-Z
Graffiti Letter brushes 10 Sizes each letter, this set contains letters P to Z, Capital letters, other Sets will follow.

jubs' Paper FX v1.0
Create realistic looking paper.

Tymoes GraffitiLettersA-Z
Graffiti Letter brushes 10 Sizes each letter, this set contains letters A to O, Capital letters, other Sets will follow.

tymoes Lensflares 2
36 more flare effects well, some lighting effects and blend effects. work best with airbrus tool. Use brush on a seperate layer for transforming actions, rotating or scali ng Load brushes, test them, enjoy them

60 Spiky
60 Spiky Brushes

21 Brushes
Diamonds and Pearls, variable Size soft edges

Graffiti Numbers
So, thats the graffiti numbers and signs.

Lipstick On Your Collar

Flare Brushes
Add lens flares with a brush instead of a filter!
Just load them from your brushes pallette.

quality brushes that simulate a real airbrush

Snowflakes to blizzard

Walrus instant horizons 2
more instant horizon brushes

paint a horizon on a separate layer so that you can resize horizons look best when you paint a layer of white, double the layer, invert the color so that you have a black underlayer, lock the two layers and resize to the horizon.

Walrus instant horizons
paint instant horizons several brushes for painting horizons

paint a horizon on a separate layer so that you can resize horizons look best when you paint a layer of white, double the layer, invert the color so that you have a black underlayer, lock the two layers and resize.

just clouds

Walrus collection one
Clouds and stuff 6 clouds, 1 sailboat, 1 palmtree, lincoln memorial, 2 church windows, 1 metal sphere, and a moon

Glowing Alphabet (2)
Glow effect lower case textile font

Glowing Alphabet Letters
Glow effect to capital letter textile font

Hair Brushes A set of brushes to add hair to your pictures.

Photoshop Actions

AMR Graphics® LightRay
A PhotoShop action that will allow you to make text have a source of light behind it and beaming from in front of it. LightRay is for use with any of your designs, free of charge. Enjoy

Icy Glare
Create a photo, copy the layer. Cut out the places you DONT want covered with ice, make sure transparency lock is set on for that layer and then apply the action.

Petrified Wood
This is a self contained action. You may change the font at the prompt. It was designed at 220 pts. at a resolution of 150 ppi. It works best on thicker fonts.

With some effects you can get a great effects.

With some effects you can get a great effects.

Photo Filters
Actions included are as follows: General Instructions, Soft Filter (Glow), Soft Filter (Subdued), Soft Filter (Dream), Lighten (without fading), Lighten (Xtreme), Skin Tone Warming, Nature Photo Enhancement, & Antique.

Snow falling on ....
This action will cover your text edges with frost and make some snow fall on the characters. You can customise the amounts of frost and snow. You can even change the text colour overlay and texture, to get a cookie effect, instead!

JiMiFLiX! Image Kolorizer
Adds A Soft Colorized Effect To Your Photos

GQua Buttons
The GQua Button series #1 is a set of 2 circular buttons @ 256 pixels wide so that you can shrink them to the size you want. A clean Aqua appearance, I believe they are a BIT different than the typical Aqua button, maybe more depth, not sure what it is exactly, but I like it better than the typical Aqua buttons. One has an outer glow for a shadow effect, the other has an elipse as a drop shadow.

You can create your own planets using this space scene.

Sunset_esk random pattern generator. creates a sunset based 800x600 300 ppi background image that will be converted into a seamless pat, then saved into your layer styles pat overlay.

Vintage Lookng Efx
It's abt duotoning & color-tinting. Here are 5 sets of vintage looking effects for yo u to try out on yr B&W and color images. Simply just transfer the Action file (*.atn) into Photoshop's Actions folder and activate the program. It just a few clicks away to get some wonderful vintage looks on yr pictures.

Creates random clouds (editable) Creates an early sunset cloudy sky with perspective. Works better than default render clouds. This is editable and you can create some fairly cool FX with it. This might work in PS 7, but it is labled for CS.

Star Field
Create a Star Field in seconds 1Has 8 different actions to help you create a realistic star field.

Cyber effect
Automated version of popular cyber effect This version of cyber effect does not use emboss, it does allow you to choose image size and color.

starburst v1

Devils Den
abstract tweakable action could be used as a sci fi BG, or altered environment

Film Grain
Adds a layer giving you image that old film feel I'm fairly new to the forum and this is my second post. I have seen several simular effect out there so I tried something a little different. The effect is subtle but is adjustable and can be customized easily. The beauty of this effect is it does not effect your original art. Everything is done in independant layers and left unflatted and again it will work on any size file.

Midnight Stroll
Midnight in Outer Space Turn boring text into amazing text. This actions makes text of any font and size into mystical, glowing, text in space with the glow of a nearby Star/Pulsar behind it. (NOTE: Since I had to make the image smaller, the stars do not show up like they will with an image 400 x 400 and up)

Tymoes Blackframes Pack
4 Actions creating image Frames. Well, again its a Frame / Borders Action Pack, this one contains 4 Actions bringing some Black Frames and borrders to your Images.

Wind Blasted Text-v2
An action that creates a blasted text effect.

Cool Glass Orb
This action is based on a tut found at It creates a cool glass looking orb for whatever use and comes with an extra action that creates the shadow.

LogoPad 4.0
LogoPad 4.0, the latest addition to the LogoPad series is a bound beauty. It features an exhalting collaboration of shear artistic quality, and an equal amount of craftsmanship.

Crystal Ball
Make a sphere or ball look like it's made of glass This action can be found at . You will find it under tutorials.

Allows you to set your Wallpaper from within PS WallPampered is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to set your Windows desktop wallpaper from within Photoshop itself. There's no need to save your image, neither is there a need to switch applications to change your wallpaper. The wallpaper is changed almost instantly, and you save a lot of time. But that's not all...

1) Normal Wallpaper modes such as Tile / Center and Stretch.
2) A Toggle restore option.
3) Absolute positioning of the wallpaper on your desktop. ~ You can customize the location of the wallpaper on your desktop and also set the background color.
4) Choice of wallpaper file location.
5) Special space and memory saving 8 bit mode.
6) Plenty of hotkeys for all you shortcut freaks out there, enabling instant access.

Unzip the .ZIP file into your Photoshop plugins folder.
Restart Photoshop.
It will then be avaiable under File > Automate.
The plugin is only active when there is a document open.

Turn your picture into glorious Technicolor This does not magically turn b&w photos into color. (Sorry) Instead, it turns your color photo into looking as if it once was black and white, but has been given new life through the wonderful gift of color.

See Through
Cut to the core of your letters. This action showcases a little of what layer masks can do. Just a little. Basically it shows through a brushed metalish outside to a firey inside.

Old Photo Effect
This action creates an old photo effect. This is a simple action that makes photographs look old. It creates a group of adjustment layers which you can change to tweak the effect. Try increasing the saturation if you want a little colour.

Even more amazing photo-realistic glossy letters! Terrific glass relection effect, plus a nice bevel/border on letters. Use any large size font and enjoy glass letters ready for print or web.
All you'll need is any photo of a scenery or similar. You can get terrific results even with non-scenic photos. If you skip the photo step you will end up with very nice glassy letters. Just change the color and enjoy.

Light Blue
Turns your text or shapes into a nice almost blue glass look.... give it a try, you can adjust the adjustment masks to any color you like after the action has run.

Tymoes Wireframer
Creates 3D wireframe text This effect creates a 3d text's wireframes. NOTE: i am still working out how to solve the problem of crating the few missing lines if anyone could give me a hint please email me. This is the beta version, it works and looks nice. There are two different ways of latting the action effect. Sample image shows the two ways.

Scotch Tape
This creates a cool scotch tape image This wasn't originally my idea and I've found a tutorial for this somewhere so I do not take credit for this. Anywayz, I created this so it will be easy to achieve this effect. This actlet creates a scotch tape image. it can enhance your pictures with thick cool action.

Pink Lass
Multi-hue Pink text action This uses a couple of bevel and emboss tricks to accomplish this action. A trick multiple colored text action. I included both a low and high resolution version of this action. Play with the hue & saturation to see other possibilities.

Hi Gloss Wood Letters punched out of a nice piece of wood and hit with a heavy coat of varithane.

Genesis 2
Creates random earth-like planet (1700 px diameter) w/ adjustable lighting and clouds. Includes starfield.

Pencil and Crayon
Turn photos into crayon drawings! A good little action that converts photos into decent replicas of a pencil and crayon drawing.

Burn Baby Burn
Creates an interesting glow to your text.

Magnification Illusion
Teach Photoshop a new trick! Creates a magnifying glass which (tricks) Photoshop into magnifying your text.

Create slide thumbnail
Create a simple, minimalistic slide-like thumbnail This action will transform any image into a 128x128 thumbnail with grey rounded borders, in a way that resembles a slide; well in a very minimalistic way. Inspired by MSN Photos site, it looks surpringsily well on a white background.

Fruit collage A fruit college what it made with Photoshop

Styles and Patterns for Yumminess the photo-realistic (from my seamless-tile pattern I made might have use for some. For the popcorn style, I used 60pt. Porky's.ttf font and, for the Floss style I used 48pt. Pleasantly Plump.ttf font. The .zip file includes the fonts used, the styles and patterns.

Photo Sphere
Put any image inside a sphere This action will take any flat square image and put it inside a Sphere. Image should be larger than 500 x 500, but is not absolutely necessary.

sci-fi background texture A short action that produces a spacey background texture of unfeasible wierdness and beauty. Play with the lens flare placement and wave effects to produce a vast array of different wierdness.

Skin Tone & Hair Color
Skin Tone & Hair Color Swatches 35 Skin Tone and 24 Hair Color Swatches

SpiroGraph v1.o
Create Various SpiroGraphs

Making A Splash!
Makes water droplets.

colorful patterns create complex colorful pattenrs from simple lines, curves or shapes.

spinner-II (TWISTER)
creates interesting pattenrs create interesting patterns from simple lines, curves or shapes-------

Simple action that creates a kaleidoscope effect. A simple action that flips and then rotates a segment of an image to create a kaleidoscope effect. More fun than it is useful, but I have used it to create logos and greeting card designs.

The zipped file contains an Action and four Photoshop files. The action will create four versions of the Kaleidoscope. Choose the version that you want (the higher the number the more segments in the design.) and start the action. A stop notice will ask you to open a specific Photoshop file. Once you have opened the correct file, the action will continue to play. It will stop to ask you to open your own image. At the next stop -- use the transform and move tools to scale, rotate and position the image inside the wedge mask. Try to find the most interesting area of your image. It is also interesting to run the action on the same image several times, using different sections of the image. Sometimes the results can be quite different! Click play to continue the action and the action will complete the design. The last stop allows you to choose whether or not to merge the layers.

Wind Blasted Text-timelf
Neat looking text effect It creates a wind efect around text.

Warlord TCH
a wicked looking text effect This was an action of mine that I pulled off a while back. Gives your text a chrome board with a webbing in the middle.

Matrix Code
Create the Code of Matrix...! The Matrix.

tymoes Polaroid V.2
Polaroid Frame Effect aplyable on any Image. Action creates Polaroid Frame Effect aplyable on any Image. What has been improved?
- just load Action and click play
- action will aks wich image to load
- no more image scaling or adjusting
- no text below frame
- adds a littele bevel and emboss effect

Rainbow Trout TCH
Something fishy's going on here Well since I uploaded Once Bitten I figured why not upload my other fish actions. This one will give your text the skin of a rainbow trout.

Load action and hit play. Font used in sample image is Elephant at 300pts. If you have EyeCandy4000 you can add the water droplets on the skin at the end of the action.

ChromX by Jason
It creates a metal chrome look with a black lined casing for the letters. Quite impressive for websites and advertising cause it really catches the eye.

This action was inspired by Rang's Aqua button!!! Thank you! It builds a simular transparent button but with a color gradient. The action also provides easy text replacement and an easy way to choose the colors you want for either side of the button!! Plus the button is totally seperate from the background, making it quite useful for webpages!!! Enjoy!!!

Page Cleaner 2.0
Page Cleaner 2.0 is the easiest way to clean up your black and white scans! Simple and fast, it'll leave you white the cleanest scan possible while retaining all of the viewability of the original scan.

First, make sure that you've unzipped the contents of the zip file to your desktop directory, specifically make sure that cleanup.acv is there, otherwise the action will not work properly. Once that's done, open up the image you'd like to clean and hit play. It will save your image as a medium quality JPEG via the "Save for Web" option, it will do this automatically, so whatever the title of your image is at the time it will just save it as "so and so.jpg" to your desktop.

ActionFX Thumbnail Creator
Creates thumbnails of an entire folder of images.

2Big aqua button
Big aqua button (17x4 cm at 300 dpi) resizable (2┬░ version, more reflection/transmission in backlight and capsule). First version is also included.

Extended HotKeys
Extended HotKeys for common commands. Photoshop's implementation of HotKeys is excellent; however, there are a several common commands that don't have HotKeys associated with them. The Extended HotKeys action set accomodates this!