PhotoShop Plugins, Filters, Brushes, Actions & Gradients (part 2)

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:::::::- Note: There is some compatability issue with PS cs2 so u may need to use older version of PS ::::::::-
Actions >Frame/Borders

Camcorder Viewfinder
Puts your image in the viewfinder of a camcorder. There is 2 files in the zip. The action and a file called Camcorder Veiwfinder.png which is the templete file. The finished size is about 20cm@230dpi or 1850px by 1600px. Big so you can scale to suite.

The minimun image size for the pic you what to insert is 639x604 px If you intend to resize the finished file down then you may enlarge your source image to make the minimun. On the other hand the max source image size is the same as the templete otherwise it will be cropped before you have opportunity to scale it in the action

Bevel Wood Frames
10 Bevelled Wood Frames Here are a few more frames from my latest CD.

Frames Sample Pack 2
10 More Assorted Frames More frames from my latest CD.

Frame Sample Pack
There are 10 assorted frames from my most current CD. All instructions are in the actions. Just open your image and run.

35mm Frame
A photo-realistic effect of 35mm slide A great photo-realistic effect of 35mm slide around your pictures

Edge: Eraser Action Suite
Creates a frame to spice up boring photos. This effect looks as if someone has neatly rubbed back and forth on the foreground with an eraser to reveal the photo beneath. Adds a nice effect to otherwise dull photos. Download contains three different versions: Skinny, Fat, and Medium.

Multihole Frame
A basic 8x10 four hole metal frame.

Tymoes FrameFX
Ten little actions that create frames for your images. Glas Frame, Imageframe I,II,III, Dottyframe, Popdot frame, Carbon Frame, Brushed Metal Frame, Paspartou and a image overlay frame (3 framed images under your image)

1 Pixel Beveler
Action creates a one pixel bevel around any color shape or text on its own layer. The effect is subtle but excellent for making GUI's and such. Output is retained in layers and can be adjusted after running.

Actions> Image Effects

Where Photoshop blends with the salted sea air Let your Photoshop create a relaxing, imaginary world and make your image a part of this scenery.

Mosaic Effects
A set of 6 great mosaic effects Give your images an alternative, tiled look with this set of actions. The set will work with images of any size. The best results are achieved with square images. There are 6 effects:
100 Tiles
25 Tiles

Video Wall
Video wall effects You can have your images appearing within a 16 monitors video wall with this set of 4 actions. I have written them in a way that allows you to have a great degree of control over the final product's numerous details.A number of effects such as speakers, reflections, buttons in red glow, e.t.c. are included

Triqui's Space
Random starfield, planets and sun Generate a random space scene with a starfield, two different kind of planets and the sun - Realistic

Van Gogh's Lost Ear
Eight scripts inspired the four seasons & van Gogh Amazing abstract effects can be achieved, when combining the effects together. For example, the Van Gogh script, which is achieved without no third party plug-in and is quite realistic.

To use a Marc Action, load (or replace) the entire set (choose Load Actions from the Actions palette's pop-out menu). The Marc Actions set will be added at the bottom of the Actions palette.

Parahamsa Linen
Give a linen / sepia look with a texture Inspired by the nature and a poet named Kabir, not even a poet - a medieval Indian prophet.

To use a Marc Action, load (or replace) the entire set (choose Load Actions from the Actions palette's pop-out menu). The Marc Actions set will be added at the bottom of the Actions palette.

Workflow Actions Set
Actions designed to streamline daily PS tasks The 'Workflow Actions Set' has been created to bring reguarly used Photoshop menus to the function keys of your Mac OR PC. The idea is efficiency, so simple tasks like rotate, image size & flatten image are now just a button press away. Add to this basic color correction & a number of sharpening methods and you start to see how the 'Workflow Actions Set' might make your PS usage more streamlined.

Puzzle Effects
Turn your image into a jigsaw PUZZLE EFFECTS allow you to turn your images into impressive jigsaws. There are 3 core actions that create 20, 30 or 56 pieces jigsaws. A number of complementary actions that give you great control over the final product are included. The powerful characteristic of PUZZLE EFFECTS is that each piece is actually a separate layer; this allows you to create numerous additional effects.

Photo ageing
Ageing your Photos Ageing your Photos in minute.

Vivid Fog
Enhance saturation Add a vivid fog effect that will enhance the saturation of your image.

Actions creating see-through patterns This set of actions creates colourful seamless patterns which when are applied on an image allow you to see the background (as through a grid). This is handy in creating a number of image effects.

At first you have to run the pattern generator action. A set of 4 patterns will be created. Then use the Add a Layer Style button to apply a pattern overlay on a layer. Each set is unique in terms of colours.

Whitening Teeth
Whiten teeth using a layer mask. Most people don't have perfectly white teeth and it can sometimes turn into the center of attention in a photograph. This tutorial will teach you how to make teeth whiter.

Gradient Vector
Transform your photograph into a gradient vector artwork

Generates Kaleidoscopic random patterns @ 300ppi & 800x600 px for text effects and BGs. Can make rather neat flaking fx on txt if used as txture.

B&B Animated
The animated version of B&B effects! 3 different effects are included. Watch the preview example on the right (wait until all frames are loaded)

Filmstrip Frame
Filmstrip frame effects After B&B filmstrip, I received many requests for an action that would create a flat filmstrip frame effect (no shadows or bends). So, here it is. There are two versions: one for 3:2 pics (35mm photos) and one for 4:3 pics. In addition, you can choose between a basic version, or a more real filmstrip copy. The 3:2 version was created on a hi-res scan of a real filmstrip, with the photo being horizontally aligned at the end.

Picture book effect This action will create a picture book and will place your image on top of it. It will add effects such as (a few) mat sheets, copper rings, image holders etc. The dimensions are proportional to the original image. Once again, the goal is to offer you an alternative way of presenting your pics, rather than replicating the exact look of such an item.

B&B set of effects
3D photo effects

Spider's NVG-2 Effect
A night vision effect This effect can not only create an updated Night Vision image, but it can created an Animated version in ImageReady too

Nova 1 and 2
Super Novas Created on an 800/600px canvas @300ppi, these two actions (especially if results are combined) create rather explosive results. (You might have to right click on the pic to the right and select loop & play to get it to play the 2nd pic.) Not OK for international versions.

Weave it!
Turn Photoshop into a knitting machine Weave your images with this small action. Easy to customise!

Paint Master
Painting Effect Easy turn your photos into cool paintings.

Rain Drop
Makes rain/water drops on image This is actually from the PDF of tutorials that comes with Photoshop CS. I took the time to make it an action. The action works best on high res images, 200 to 300 dpi. First it will make some black spots on your image then, using layer effects, it will turn those spots into transparent water drops. The drops will also be on their own layer so as not to alter your original image

Jelly Bomb
A not so bad bomb effect

Velvia Effects
Adds Velvia Film effect to digital photos This simple action reproduces the selective color, contrast, and saturation boost of Velvia film. The effect is fully adjustable from minimal to maximum. All steps are done on a copy of the original photo.

Akkia's Color Sketch
color sketching effect Applies a color sketch like effect Try messing with levels and/or contrast-brightness after action runs.

Winter Wonderland
Adds realistic falling snow to your image. Three layers of different snow sizes and blurriness give the effect its depth.

Turns any image into a reflected water scene. Waterscape reflects an open image, then adds a water texture on top. Results are fairly realistic with a hint of impressionism.

Turn an ordinary photo into a comic book page. This actin does a good job converting high-resolution images into a comic book like page. It's especially useful for assembling images from various layers to create some sort of scene. In this sample Aragorn is a separate layer against the background. Both layers have the same effect applied to them.

Give image as a E-6 to C-41 look. Give image as a E-6 to C-41 look,With a hard color.

Realistic 3D Clouds
This action makes very realistic clouds.

3D texturing helper.
help with repetitve tialing and FX! here is a 2X2 mirror effect, and a 3X3 maker + 3X3 undo+ a split horizontal and vertical to work on the edges of the image(to make tialing seemless).

Generates a realistic starfield from scratch.

Baby Blue
Baby Blue makes a soft blue dream effect!

Romance Color
Vasoline effect with enhanced color/contrast Adds a vasoline effect to a single layer image and enhances the color and contract to create a soft focus, weighty image.

Recommended: Run an Auto Level to your image prior to running this action, or make sure your image isn't too dark.

underwater correction
fix that blue hue in underwater pix Ambient light shots underwater are often blue. Add the red back in with this simple action. Cudos to Mandrake for the technique.

Romance Lite
Make any image soft focus and colorized. This action creates a vasoline lens effect with a burnt sienna colorization to boot. It is quick and easy, and the effect is subtle, yet create a dynamic photo. Great for wedding photos or portrait work. This is my own blend...a simple one, yet effective.

Creates a vasoline lens effect with colorization. This action allows you to customize the look of the romance_lite action. It take a single image layer and creates a vasoline lens effect with colorization that works great for wedding photos, portraits, etc...

subject focus
image effect This will bring out the subject from the background. Be careful while extracting the subject coz it will affect the image at the end.

Nice Edges 1.0
Apply different effects to image edges. This actions allows you to apply different effects to image edges.

Flaming Lightsaber
Makes a cool flaming sword effect.

Magic Mirrors
Why symmetry is beautiful. Yet another collection of eight awesome actions. This set mirrors portions of the given image, to make a symmetrical image. I've included four bi-splits and four quad-splits, each action representing all sides to be mirrored. These work great, and can make anything look awesome.

Image effects
Nice Action

Make edges Make nice edges in to youre picture

PJ Photo Enhancers V3
Photo enhancers Sharpen, color balance, increase details, bring out shadow details, etc

Master Oil Painter
This action will convert your photos into masterfully crafted oil paintings.

Simple Effective 2
Eight more colorful, exciting, simple actions. 1. Color Grid Generator - detailed mosaic 2. Color Memory - color & shadow 3. F&F Art - fast but art 4. Hallucinations - new colors and shadows 5. Melted Mosaic - light tiles, dark melted 6. Pencil Sketch 3 - a pencil drawing 7. Raw Heat - radioactive 8. Revolution - new way to look

Mysterre Hardcover Book
Make a 3D hardcover book It taks any flat image and creates it as the cover art for a book. You need a couple extra steps at the end, but it's easy.

Your pictures on TV. Working in the video industry, I spend a lot of time gazing at monitors and television sets, so I thought -- why not make an action that looks like a TV? This action has many customizeable features, including metallic and wood casings, hi & lo resolution screens, personalized text, and of course your own picture on the set. The action is also left in layers so you can make changes easily.

DK's Watercolor effect
A nice smooth painting effect This is a technique that happened from a bunch of experimenting with Filters and layer blending modes. It works very nicely on animals and landscapes but it doesn't do much for images of people, especially low rez ones.

Space Blast
A fiery explosion effect A fiery explosion effect that looks like something exploded in space. Can be used for battles scenes, suns, etc. Works great in any resolution. NOTE: This image doesn't do justice to the effect! visit the demo site for higher resolution images (Site now works).

Run the SPACE BLAST - FULLSCREEN action first, then if you wish to make some minor adjustments, you may run the FINISH actions. In the end you may run the CUT action to extract the explosion from it's background.

Fiery random effect action out of it and decided to uplo ad it.

Credits go to Sabaa,, & the authors of the products!!