Problem | Gtalk not showing current music track | WMP 11

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Yesterday my windows media player 11 crashed and from then my gtalk was not showing the "current music track " status. After that i did lot of search and got the solution so thought of sharing with you guys!

I got the help from the Google-Talk-Help-Discuss!

It happens like this.. When windows media player 11 crashes it is designed in such a way that it disables all its plugin which also included my gtalk plugin.
So what we need to do is just Re-Enable the plugin..
  1. Open Windows Media player 11
  2. Right click on the toolbar of media player --> View --> Plug-ins --> Options --> Background
  3. Click on the checkbox for the gtalk plugin. Press OK.. Done
No need to do any restart and it started working!

Still things not working. Probably you are using Vista. If yes follow this step and it works 100%.

  •  Uninstall Gtalk.Make sure WMP is not running.
  •  Now on the Gtalk installer(Download if you dont have) and do "Run as Administrator". and install.
  •  Now login in gtalk. This is important Don't go to next step before signing in.
  • Once Gtalk is running in background start WMP and in gtalk change status to "Show current Track". It should work. Working for me.
Cheers! Updated: 22nd April 2009
Gtalk also shows current track with Windows Media Player 12 on windows 7 using this steps.