Schedule your Gtalk to Kill

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Before i proceed let me ask you a question. Has this ever happened to you. You logged in to gtalk in your office. Now you came home and remembered that you forgot to sign it off and now when you sign in here if some one pings you the message will once come in your current window and once in office window? Has this happened to you? Then this is the tutorial you want! This is very easy and very handy. Prerequisits: Download at Remember this is for your office computer or the computer where you want a auto gtalk kill. Once you download just extract it in any drive. Now for XP users: Go to control pannel --> Scheduled Task --> Add scheduled task.. Click and follow the steps. Where it asks for application point it to the file you download. Give a time which you will be out of your office. Also don't forget to put your user credentials. And make it a daily schedule. That's it. For vista User: Click on Start button and type in search as "schedul" click on the scheduler. Now once the Task Scheduler is open on the right hand side you will see "Create Basic Task" Click on it. The task scheduler will open.
Name: Give anything (Gtalk kill) Description: Any description Task to start: Daily Start time: Time you will be out of your office Action: Start a program Program: Browse to the file you downloaded And press finish in the next screen and forget it.. Next time it will never ever happen that you will have 2 instance of gtalk running. If you usually forget to log off your gtalk at home then use the same method for home also.