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There are a few really popular websites out there which aren’t really websites, they’re web operating systems and they can be quite miraculous to say the least. In the build up to the Google OS announcement (which to be honest isn’t that exciting), there are a number of better web operating systems out there and here’s a quick rundown.
Web OS: eyeOS
Website: http://eyeos.org
Graphics: 1/10 - they could have done a lot better, a background for a start.
Useability: 5/10 - has basic applications and works well, but too browser-based.
Simplicity: 4/10 - things not as clear as they could be.Overall: 10/30
Web OS: YouOS
Website: www.youos.com
Graphics: 4/10 - rather basic but it looks good and simple.
Useability: 6/10 - basic applications that you’d expect in an operating system.
Simplicity: 8/10 - a little too basic perhaps, but it sports a good show.
Overall: 18/30

Web OS: Desktoptwo
Website: http://desktoptwo.com
Graphics: 5/10 - nothing too flashy but gives good perspective and easy to read.
Useability: 9/10 - has all the applications you’d need - email, OpenOfifice, RSS and IM etc.
Simplicity: 7/10 - very similar to Mac OSX and user experience is very friendly.
Overall: 21/30
Web OS: Goowy
Graphics: 9/10 - Mac OSX design but with Vista style graphics and transparency in the taskbar and the windows.
Useability: 8/10 - everything you might want in a web environment anywhere you go - a Mac OSX style taskbar at the bottom is a hit.
Simplicity: 8/10- useful hints, tooltips and icons make it clear what you want to use - plenty of options to customise your desktop with.
Overall: 25/30 - definately the one you’d want to use.