Tiny Settings - A minified version of iPhone settings app

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Tiny settings

Wont work for IOS 5.1 + as apple has removed the support!

A minified alternative to settings app.  I won't say an alternative to SB Settings but without Jailbreak and for free this is the closest we can get. This is a web app and have been made even to work when you dont have interet. Scan the QR code below to get it.

I have kept the interface as simple and light as possible. You can also configure which settings you want to have shortcuts. There are options for 35 settings and you can choose among them.


1) Configure your own custom favourites from 35 given options. Easily add and remove settings. 2) Add it to home screen to have a full screen app like experience. 3) Works even when you don't have access to internet. 4) 99% full HTML5 and CSS3. Makes it easy for your phone browser to render easily. 5) I don't know. You should say ;)

Source: http://classictutorials.com/ts