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Readyboost incompatible flash drives workaround

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Guys I recently purchased a 1 GB kingston flash drive which was shown incompatible in tests for readyboost.
However after some googling I was able to make it work

here is the way
Format the Drive with the following settings in place.

-of your drive-

File System:

Allocation Unit Size:

[x] Quick Format

Then goto the the General tab under the drives properties. And put a check by the following.

[x] Compress this drive to save disk space
[x] Index this drive for faster searching

test the device for ReadyBoost. Also make sure that you have the "Optimize for Performance" setting applied in the properties for the device under the Hardware tab.

This guy here suggested this,many thanks to him

and dont use this if your have a snailspeed drive
,it may make windows slow.