Yahoo PNut a copy of Google Fusion Table - Yahoo doing copy game

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Good for us ;) Most of us know about Google Fusion Table. Its a cool thing to use and all your tables are on cloud and you never bother about any database server as this is free.
But as with every good work some one will be there to copy the idea here is YAHOO to do so this time with there Pnuts
So what does pnuts do?Here is what yahoo has to say: The combined effort aims to develop a family of data hosting services that will allow application developers to choose the right kind of storage and indexing service for each of their data collections. Individual product groups will no longer have to buy their own database technology or manage an army of administrators. In effect, they can store their vital data by renting space on the hosted PNUTS/YDHT cluster, which ideally will be deployed across all Yahoo! ......... ......... For instance, if a particular application turns out to be a smash hit, the group could simply access more resources on the cluster, rather than going out and buying 1,000 new machines and then struggling to deploy them. Not only does this bring the total cost of database management down dramatically, it could also offer faster performance, better information retrieval features and improved quality of service. Looks a good idea ha? Let it come out and then we can give a ride.