Spotify Like Video Welcome Screen using Swift+

Displays a video welcome screen like Spotify. You can swap left and right to change the message. You should be...

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Dynamic Hyperlink in excel+

I hate excel and things got worse when my manager told me to add hyperlinks on an excel sheet where...

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Create a auto hide popup with swift+

So i needed a popup kind of view for an IOS app. The purpose of the popup was to display...

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The easter egg of Google Chrome+

You should have seen this screen sometime in your life if you have been using Chrome. If not just disconnect...

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Run a snippet of code only once in lifetime for a app – Swift -Xcode+

I have to do a Core data initialization where i have to put a chunk of sample data inside Core...

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Generate a Random Color in Swift+

There are many ways to do it. But the quickest with smallest possible code is using drand48

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How to manually access Core Date / SQLite file in Xcode 6/IOS 8 Swift Programming+

How to access Core Date / SQLite file in Xcode 6/IOS8 Swift Programming

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Hide StatusBar through program – Swift/Xcode 6/IOS 8+

Just a small snippet to hide the Status Bar on your UIViewController.

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Creating Frosted Glass effect using Swift – ios 7/ios 8 – Xcode 6+

In this tutorial we will modify a UIViewController to behave like a semi transparent Frosted Blur Glass

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